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About Heather Cleveland

I wanted to be an actress for a long time until I realized it wasn't so much the acting that I loved but the storytelling. (But don't get me wrong, if someone offered me a dream role in a movie, I'd take it.) So I've lovingly returned to my childhood pastime of writing, only now my novels come to life on my computer screen rather than being scrawled in a spiral notebook. And thank goodness for that, or it'd take me a year to finish the editing process.

I'm active in our local theatre scene (on the management side now). I love traveling, playing games, gardening, and checking items off my bucket list--last accomplishment: learn to sew; next up: milk a cow. If you asked my friends to describe me, I think they'd say I am a little quirky and an old soul.

I live north of Denver with my very supportive husband. He is vital to my writing process--serving as web designer, sounding board, walking thesaurus, and reality check.